Pleased with the success of their First Friday launch party, 123 Blue Star Sessions will now be an established event series for Southtown SA-goers to enjoy on the weekends. The first 123 BSS went over exceedingly well, featuring the sounds of local music talent Izaq Roland, Midnight Swim and DJ James Blue. With a “word-of-mouth” approach to promotion that is largely fueled by Instagram and Twitter, events held at this venue tend to hit it off with an underground and exclusive vibe.

The musical happenings at 123 began a little over a year ago when the two photographers, Alan and Nico, decided to open their creative space to celebrate local culture with their high-quality, short-run of photo-zines called GLYPHS, alongside larger, higher-resolution photographs that would hang from the walls of the high-ceiling loft. The place would swarm with eager photo-lovers and supporters of the First Friday events held at the complex. These photo-gatherings naturally would be accompanied by low-key DJ sets from friends of the GLYPHS family, and eventually full-on music events started to surface. The successful release-show of Jonah Conrad’s EP ‘KARMA’ in December 2015 would provide a glimpse of the spot as a popular music venue, an idea that grew into the sessions before us. Whatever has yet to unfold for this new and innovative DIY venue, you can be sure it will include great curation that celebrates creativity in many mediums.

For the next installment of 123 BSS, they will be hosting the house sounds and musical stylings of artists who work with our label including episodenoneHEXA, arkeologist, and 40hands. Session #2 is scheduled for this Friday, December 16th, and those who wish to attend must RSVP [here] for entry (it’s free). The exclusive event will kickoff around 9pm, at which point guests are welcome to come and enjoy food, beverage and atmosphere.

Get hyped for the next showcase by checking out last week’s live line-up in the stream below. Also available below are some tunes by a couple of the performing label artists who will be making an appearance this Friday. Check back for more news.