Here we have yet another riveting installment to the Mind Meld podcast series presented by Third Eye Drops. In this episode, Third Eye host Michael Phillips had the opportunity to speak with cutting-edge digital artist Android Jones for a chance to explore some avenues of his mysterious past and the source from which he draws the inspirational for his captivating psychedelic masterworks.

With indescribable complexity, enamoring vibrancy and breathtaking composition, each of Android’s creations are much more than easily digested illustrations, as their embedded intimations can take viewers on a reflective, existential journey. Despite their intricacy, Jones feels that his creations are the mere “residue” of the vivid eruption that takes place in his mind during his process of creation. During his conversation with Phillips, Jones shared that, “my art is how I meditate and my art has always been the way I access the spirit of creation.”


Throughout the discussion, the two explore topics such as how to be responsible for your own success and happiness, artistic challenges, overcoming self doubt, the power/insidiousness of social media, the importance of never discouraging creativity, the need for rites of passage and initiatory experiences, how Android got his nickname and much more. Check out the two-part presentation below.

For more information about Android and his artwork, or to hear more from Third Eye Drops: | Android facebook |


Episode 1

Episode 2