Jack Storms is a glass artist from New Hampshire, but not just any glass artist. Jack produces his brilliant works of art using an incredibly rare and difficult style of glass work that uses a cold-glass process that combines lead crystal with dichroic glass. This method costs quite a bit of time and strength requiring about 8-18 weeks of physically demanding work per sculpture, but the results are exceptionally beautiful representations of the time spend making them. He makes the sculptures using fibonacci ratio sequences which result in these mind bending masterpieces. Because the process is so arduous, there are less than 10 known artists in the world that use this astonishing style of glass work.


It wasn’t until his late 20s that Jack stumbled across what would soon become his legacy. A junior of Contemporary Art at Plymouth State University, Jack ventured to a studio near his school that belonged to a glass artist using this remarkably rare style of glass work, at which point Jack became infatuated. He worked side by side with the artist for over year and learned every aspect of this challenging technique. By 2004, he mastered the form and opened StormWorks Studio.

Despite those that told him his vision was impossible, Jack also designed and invented a cold-working lathe allowing one to sculpt glass with curves and details, similar to wood working techniques. In the video below, Jack himself talks about his passion and shows what he does to make one of his stunning creations.