Label producer Sean Holbrook, aka Ablokesh Onor, has taken a large leap forward in his electronic conquest with a new EP entitled The Only Thing That Changed Was You. The first two titles of the record, ‘Foul Dogs’ and ‘Hippy Rug’, offer an unexpectedly upbeat, energized and, for lack of a better word, funky type of tonality, the likes of which are a welcome mode of experimentation and present a fresh look into the mind of the man behind the music.

The inaugural energy of the record then subsides as it transitions into a reflective piece aptly titled, ‘Drift Wood’, which possesses a uniquely thought-inducing pace that holds you suspended it’s warm, soft flow. Before long, we are met with a mysterious and indescribably familiar feeling of comfort and contentedness that is vividly illustrated by track four of the collection, ‘Writing Home’.

Lastly comes the final phase of the record, the project’s title track ‘The Only Thing That Changed Was You’. In this sequence, the pieces of the puzzle come together and the purpose of the journey is made clear. The ethereally transcendent and emphatically sublime overture of the piece beckons us to rise up and look upon the trek we’ve made to reach this point we’re at in our own lives, and to have gratitude for the adventure despite its difficulties.

“This EP is a tribute to my introspection, which appears to be reflective of a story that I see unfolding in my personal life. It is kind of a part of an ongoing omnibus, one piece of a greater whole. The listening experience is designed to take you on a journey inside yourself and, hopefully, empower your own capacity for emotional realization and strength in fortitude. This is a call to Empathy,” Holbrook shares.

Check the new EP in the stream above, as well as the promotional art for the project in the section below. Hear more of Holbrook’s works by visiting:

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Album and promo artwork by Samantha Scanlan