Actress, real name Darren Cunningham, has announced that he has a new album due to drop April 14. Titled AZD (pronounced “Azid”), this follow-up to 2014’s Ghettoville  will feature 12 new tracks and as a teaser for the record’s release, Cunningham has relinquished the official music video for the LP’s lead track, “X22RME” (pronounced “Extreme”). “I did 50 versions of the tune,” Cunningham explains about the track. “Different parts were on tape, CD, different old computers and USB sticks, so it was quite intimidating to revisit and complete. The track was in the end built out of three hours of different passages.”

Additionally, Cunningham plans to debut AZD live at Convergence at Village Underground in London on March 24th. “It will be a test frame for linking circuits using various forms of language—MIDI globalised language, lyrical language, Tikal Graffiti code and various other synthesiser language—to create one intelligent musical instrument called AZD,” Cunningham says. “If successful it will produce the first translucent, non-soluble communication sound pill synergised through impressionistic interpretations of technological equipment. This is the music vitamin of the metropolis.”

Scroll down to see the new music video for “X22RME,” directed by Dan Emmerson, as well as the album artwork and tracklist for AZD. Be on the lookout for AZD to drop April 14 – preorder the album here.


AZD Tracklist:
01. Nimbus
02. Untitled 7
03. Fantasynth
04. Blue Window
05. CYN
06. X22RME
07. Runner
08. Falling Rizlas
09. Dancing in the Smoke
10. Faure in Chrome
11. There’s an Angel in the Shower
12. Visa