ADM x EVE is a collaborative alias between Los Angeles based producers, Aric Rudnick (Aphasia) and Amber Waldron (Vibe Queen). With their similarities as well as their complementary contrasts in production styles, Waldron and Rudnick utilize their cohesive relationship as a way of exploring and experimenting with sound in ways one would not think possible. A soothing, almost cradling dreamlike flow pervades each piece, bringing with it a warm, seamless state of groove and trance that will have you keeping the playlist on loop.

Our first collaboration with ADM x EVE was earlier this year when they produced Episode 44 of the TIMEWHEEL radio show series. With the positive reception among our audience and the rest of the collective, it was clear to see that there was some chemistry to be toiled with. Now, we are excited to announce that the duo is officially the newest addition to the TIMEWHEEL artist lineup where their phased, trip-hop tonality will be right at home. Their first exclusive release with the platform is scheduled to drop on July 25; a single by the title of eden.

Stay tuned for more on this and other music news, and be on the lookout for ADM x EVE’s eden to make its drop on July 25 exclusively via TIMEWHEEL. In the meantime, check out Episode 44 of the TIMEWHEEL Radioshow hosted by ADM x EVE in the stream above.

To hear more from ADM x EVE, as well as their solo work as Aphasia and Vibe Queen, check out Rudnick and Waldron on:

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