In this discussion presented by London Real, host Brian Rose has a chance to speak with “The Iceman” Wim Hof about psychedelic states, the various ways in which these states can be accessed and their therapeutic viability. Rose, who had originally thought these states of the mind were attained only through psychedelic substances, found it difficult to believe that similar experiences could be achieved through breathing techniques. That is, until learning a little more about The Iceman.

Hof hopes to “take away the veil” surrounding psychedelic states. He believes that, although psychedelic substances possess undeniable potential for application, they are not entirely necessary for experiencing these powerful and mysterious states of the mind. He wants to show, scientifically, that no matter the amount of helplessness one may be enduring, we all possess the ability and potential to break through our barriers and work past our blockages and inhibitions; anyone with the help of proper guidance, practice and devotion can induce these experiences and flush out their misplaced or long-lost passion for life, substance free. Check out a segment from the discussion above.