Presented by TIMEWHEEL and hosted by Game Time Entertainment, OVER YA HEAD is a podcast series that explores some of the most strange, fascinating and mysterious topics submitted by TIMEWHEEL’s fans, artists and team members. For the fifth episode of the series, the GTE crew is joined by Verisimilitude (@verisimilitude_official), Xian (@xianarchive) and Sheath Underwear founder, Bobby The Bank. Together, they dip into some thought-provoking subject material for an over ya head discussion, leaving no stone unturned. Check it out above.

Topics covered in the conversation:

  • Fiesta Season in San Antonio
  • VTUDE gets hit by car
  • SHEATH & Floyd Mayweather
  • VTUDE @ Maverick Festival
  • Legal Cannabis Sales Top 1B in 2016
  • Ancient LSD at The Eleusinian Mysteries
  • Burning Man
  • Dolphins Speaking English
  • Interspecies Relationships
  • John C. Lilly
  • Humans use 100% of brain everyday
  • Blind Child uses Echolocation to see
  • Virgin Mary Statue Perfectly Preserved Under Sea


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