SWITZON S. WIGFALL, III or “SSWIII” (pronounced “S-S-W-3”) is a Multi-media Visual Artist, Animator and VJ, specializing in Graphic and Motion Media design working and living in Savannah, Georgia creating a diverse collection of rude art slaps upon a variety of 3D media with his love for all different genres of music, visuals, abstract art, sci-fi movies, robots, machines, geometric shapes and much more: putting “play into experimentation” with Cinema 4D, After-Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator to push the boundaries of visual music, story-telling and unique branding to unseen fun and interesting levels.

The pictures (or epic style-frames) he calls “Everydays” are all done from start to finish every day. The purpose of his project is to help him get better creatively making a shit ton of artwork as a 3d-artist, designer, and animator. He is currently on his third round of Everydays. Experimenting with lots of new and challenging styles and techniques: leading to many happy accidents (if he’s lucky) is the heart of his process. He has also released a series of Creative Commons live visuals that have been used by electronic acts such as Skrillex, Stooki Sound, Troyboi and many others. He is currently working on releasing new work for his friends: Contour, Cazal Organizm, King Mez and is now a new member of the Dank Radio family: releasing new work on Dank Radio’s imprint. Feel free to contact him or say hi at: [email protected]