The third annual Austin Instrumental Music Festival will be held at [Empire Control Room & Garage] on February 25th, 2017. It will showcase 20 of the most talented groups encompassed within the niche of music that is without lyrics, focusing on pure instrumental and technical musicianship. Numerous genres have been performed in this manner throughout the ages, and more recently it has witnessed an explosion in popularity.

As it is described on the newly launched website, “AIMFest brings music enthusiasts together to celebrate and experience instrumental music from around the world. We combine jazz and orchestral artists with post-rock, electronic, and ‘instru-metal bands’ to create a panoptic but exclusive festival experience.”

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Headlining this year will be popular Southern California post-rock duo, El Ten Eleven, who were ranked #4 on The Seven Best Instrumental Bands of the Last 20 Years by The Dallas Observer in 2014. “Typically, instrumental rock has the tendency to be maudlin (Godspeed You!, Black Emperor), sprawling (Explosions in the Sky), or experimental (Tortoise). However, such is not the case with Los Angeles, CA, duo El Ten Eleven, who compose tightly wound tunes with plenty of punch. While bassist/composer Kristian Dunn and drummer Tim Fogarty displayed a knack for tedious nuance on 2004’s self-titled debut, their third record, These Promises Are Being Videotaped, is packed full of danceable melodies that put Ratatat to shame. Their sound is just as ideal for basement dance parties and Sega Genesis video game soundtracks alike.” said SPIN Magazine in their Spotlight feature of the band.

Check out El Ten Eleven’s music video for “Point Breeze” below!

The line-up will also include spectacular performances from KES, FYER, Rattletree, Fermata Playa, and Verisimilitude along with [ Q ] who are both amazing TIMEWHEEL Artists from San Antonio. This is something you don’t want to miss. Whether it’s the hard and heavy dance beats of Dolphin Dilemma, the sonic intensity of Bitforce, or the plethora of mind-blowing prog-rockers who make up the daytime slots, AIMFest is always a great time.

FYER Crowd Shot at Imagine Festival 2015

Check out some of the music from other amazing artists who will be performing!

Rattletree (Austin, TX)

Verisimilitude (San Antonio, TX)

Legendary Skies {Austin, TX)

Seven Circles (Austin, TX)

Dolphin Dilemma (San Antonio, TX)

16 the Olympus (San Antonio, TX)

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Author Bio
Alex Barclay is a freelance music journalist and label representative at TIMEWHEEL. A long time listener of progressive music, Alex has been an active member in the San Antonio independent music scene for years.