medytation3_by_bdoroszko-d7hmbsz_670 is a visionary software company that seeks to show the world that sound is the future of medicine. The team behind the technology has dedicated years to researching and developing a niche audio software that embeds brainwave stimulation into music. In my personal experience, certainly lives up to the hype. Some things I struggle with in my career are focus and clarity at times, it can feel like my day is flying by, though I am accomplishing nothing as my attention is stretched too thin. Since incorporating into my daily flow, I have detected significant improvements in my productivity, creativity and positive thinking.

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The various stations of – Focus, Relax, and Sleep – each have their own powerful and unique effect on the brain:

The Focus station, which is broken into the categories of Relaxed and Intense, utilizes a high-energy audio brainwave arrangement that keeps the mind focused and astute. Relaxed Focus is recommended for activities such as reading fiction and journaling, whereas Intense Focus is more suitable for working, coding, studying, et cetera.

The Relax station is excellent for those times throughout the day when the mind needs a moment to unwind. Separated into the categories of Meditation and Quick Relax, this station makes use of a soft and soothing arrangement for the purpose of reinvigoration and revitalization. The Meditation option is effective in easing the body into a state of rest as the mind is given freedom to wander and ruminate, while the Quick Relax selection is excellent for getting a sufficient sense of renewal out of a short 15-30 minute break.

The Sleep station is separated into the categories of Nap and Sleep, and utilizes a gentle, flowing ambient arrangement to lull the brain into a comforting state of inaction. The Nap option serves as an excellent accompaniment to a quick power nap as it is effective in momentarily disengaging a busy mind, allowing it to briefly rest and rejuvenate. The Sleep category, on the other hand, is effective for placing the mind into a peaceful, sedentary state in which it can better replenish itself during a full-night’s sleep.

Screenshot1001 is not to be confused with services such as binaural beats. The technology used in creating is AI based, generating collections of music tailored to your desired result. When employing, the effects of the audio brainwave stimulation can be detected in as little as ten minutes (The software is most effective when paired with headphones). The team offers a trial of 7 free sessions to give you an opportunity to thoroughly discern how the technology works for you before making any investment.

Should you upgrade to a paid membership, they have the options of monthly, yearly, or a one-time lifetime payment, all of which are reasonably priced and are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. In addition to unlimited access to the service, members are given the ability document their cognitive progress with an integrated progress-tracker, as well as other premium-only content.

To try for yourself, head over to their site and begin your first free session. There, you will also find all of the relevant science and research, detailed How-To guides, and user reviews for this revolutionary technology. Also, be sure to check out on Facebook for the latest in neural research and optimization.

Our Story is the next generation of Transparent Corp. Transparent was founded originally by Adam Hewett & Cynthia Trang in 2003, where we made niche audio brainwave software for psychologists, researchers and hobbyists. Used daily in research labs, therapists offices, and tens of thousands of homes in over 180 countries. Transparent software has been instrumental in peer-reviewed clinical studies, and we hold a patent on a unique method for embedding brainwave stimulation into audio.

In 2014, Junaid joined the Transparent team to lead the company’s next incarnation – combines the best from the past, incorporates new innovation including intensive EEG analysis by leading neuroscientists – making auditory brain stimulation accessible to anyone.

Our mission is to solve ADD, Anxiety & Insomnia via audio brainwave training. is the first big step.