Presented by TIMEWHEEL and hosted by Game Time Entertainment, OVER YA HEAD is a podcast series that explores some of the most strange, fascinating and mysterious topics submitted by TIMEWHEEL’s fans, artists and team members. In this week’s episode, Dolphin Dilemma, Maslo and Xian join the set for a coalescence of the minds. Together, they sink their teeth into some of the most bewildering content to come their way yet for a truly over ya head discussion. Check it out in the stream above.

Topics covered in the conversation:

  • The Most Common Dreams & Their Meanings
  • Prophetic Dreams & Lucid Dreams
  • Dreams: Science or Spirituality?
  • Dolphin Delimma’s Liquid Lightshow
  • New Music with Dolphin Dilemma and MASLO
  • Collaborating with other artists
  • Reptilians with David Icke
  • The Second Coming of Jesus in Sibera
  • Bitcoin Explained in Depth
  • The Hyperloop Train in Texas Will get you Austin to SA in 10 minutes

Music by ark, 40HANDS, SAEN & SUPERTASK

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