The Conscious Media Festival is a leading-edge, weekend-long exhibition that has been organized to provide both a premiere destination and an inspirational launching pad for conscious content creators and consumers alike. The event will showcase new creative content, media presentations and educational sermons from the pioneers who have been paving the way in the vein of conscious media. With an amazing twelve-presentation lineup, including Maya Zuckerman’s The Emerging Narrative, Aubrey Marcus’ Winning the Digital Market, Ron James’ Repurposing the Purpose of Media and more, this transformative conference is going to be an event unlike any other. To top things off, the three-day expo will be taking place in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas on March 3-5, 2017.

“I can’t imagine a more appropriate city to launch the first-ever Conscious Media Festival,” says festival executive director Giselle Koy. “The renowned panel of speakers and multiple events is meant to inspire the conscious content creator in all of us be it through video, social media, online universities, art, film, VR and new technology.”

TIMEWHEEL has been given the opportunity to attend the Conscious Media Festival and provide coverage for its inaugural debut into its annual succession. It is an honor to be involved in this movement, and we would like to invite you, our readers, to attend the event with a special offer. Using promo code “TIMEWHEEL” on your ticket order, available [here], you will save 15% on your total ticket purchase. Currently available is the VIP All-Access pass which will grant you entry to all festival presentations, as well as the VIP Media Revolution Party with the presenters and the inaugural Conscious Broadcaster of the Year Award Ceremony. Individual tickets to attend single presentations will soon be made available, as well as individual passes to attend the VIP Media Revolution Party. 

Below, you will find a couple of short videos about the event, narrated by festival executive director Giselle Koy, followed by a flyer for festival. For more information about the Conscious Media Festival, visit: | facebook | instagram | twitter