Maria Louceiro is a Portuguese photographer based in Berlin, Germany who has become recognized for her unique photographic style, with which she captures the world in a dreamy, almost ethereal manner. Anything from cityscapes, to trees, to meadows, to ponds, Louceiro’s imagery has a way of evoking a powerful sense of nostalgia and imagination.

From a young age, Louceiro has seen in her mind’s eye the scenes that she hoped to one day create. The first artistic medium that she dabbled into was painting, during which time Louceiro became well versed in the study of hue, texture and, most of all, lighting. “I was a bit sensitive to specific types of light, and even though Porto, where I was born, is known for being a grey city, there is this particular light, fog, and ambiance which gives an almost magical quality to the surroundings,” says Louceiro.

At a certain point, Louceiro began to feel as though she was not quite able to achieve exactly what she had envisioned with paint, which led her to the interest of photography. “I got very frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t express what I wanted with painting, and that made me get more invested in photography, as I didn’t need to invent anything from scratch, just ‘distort’ what I already saw until the real and imaginary matched,” Louceiro adds. “Since before I picked up a camera, I already had a clear vision of the types of images I wanted to create. I blame these mental images to the number of books and poetry I read when I was little, particularly a Portuguese poet named Sophia de Mello Breyner. I still have some of the ‘mental snapshots’ I stole from her words in my mind, 18 years later.”

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