As a part of their official launch, arts & entertainment organization San Antonio Sound Garden’s first “11/11 You Vote. They Win. Party” will be held on tomorrow evening (November 11th) at Alamo Beer Hall from 5pm – 11pm featuring 10 local music groups and artists who have experienced a surge in popularity, one of them being TIMEWHEEL alt-latin quartet Femina-X, who are scheduled to play at 5:30pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

“During the event, ten of San Antonio’s top artists across all genres will play, and the crowd will be responsible to vote for their favorite.

The top three artists / bands will win SASG Production/Entertainment Business Packages ranging from $2,500 to $30,000 in value. The SASG Advisory Board will work with the bands to determine who is the most appropriate for the various prizes. The prize packages are designed to assist artists in various stages of their careers and may include the recording and releasing of a record, marketing and public relations assistance, the development of a business strategy, and much more.”

According to their website, “Femina-X is an alternative, Latin band from San Antonio comprised of members Daniela Riojas (vox), Alex Scheel (guitar), Jeff Palacios (bass), Darian Thomas (violin), and Jai Roots (drums). Femina-X identifies as “New Alternative” and creates unconventional fusions with electronic beats, samples, synths, and live instruments. They draw musical influence from progressive tribal and ethnic dance, hip-hop, jungle, Caribbean, industrial, punk, and drum and bass. The band has also performed at the historic Arneson River Theater, The Tobin Center for Performing Arts, and Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival. They received The San Antonio Current’s Critics Choice for the Music Awards 2014, Top 3 Best Electronic Bands in 2015, and have been featured in Vice Colombia and Remezcla.”

When asked for a comment on the event, Femina-X offered this statement:

“When Sound Garden told us about the opportunity, we submitted an application right away. We were unsure about what exactly the event was about but as it has unraveled, the effort has shown itself to be pretty amazing and we are happy to be a part of a much needed movement in this city.”

“The growth and energy behind the the San Antonio music scene has been ever-expanding and catching the eyes/ears of representatives in this city who can implement the infrastructure need to build a viable a music industry. This is crucial to not only effecting immediate change within our creative communities, but also for ensuring longevity; creating an environment where newer generations can find a place to express themselves with support systems in place and opportunities for success available to them.”

Check out Femina-X’s music videos for the songs “Cosmos” above and “Frida’s Heart” below!

Edwin J. Stephens, the founder and CEO of San Antonio Sound Garden, is also singer, guitarist, and producer for the local indie rock band known as fishermen. He had a lot to say about the growing San Antonio music scene:

“I’ve watched SA’s music scenes and culture ebb, flow, transform and evolve several times over the past 19 or so years. I’ve witnessed unbelievable local talent come and go, putting on amazing shows and releasing unbelievable music that the vast majority of our community will never hear about. As much as those times are a treasure, it’s exciting to think that we are on the precipice of a movement that can give a spotlight and a fighting chance to the incredible talent our city produces.


My dream is to not see any more amazing artists slip through the cracks of a segmented scene and unsustainable music economy. And that’s what 11.11 is all about, we’re rallying everyone together and saying we have multiple scenes here! We have lots of talented musical entrepreneurs working to get music out…and not just musicians, small record labels, management companies, people who do PR. We have industry! and probably tons more talented people who would get involved and stick around if they only knew about it. So we’re attempting to build a home, a hub, a space for everyone to work as a means to unite and ignite music industry. 11/11 Is an outward example of that. Bringing everyone together from all the sects, all the scenes, so we can celebrate, learn, and grow.

Next year will be bigger, and represent even more of the diverse music that San Antonio has to offer. We’re still figuring it out, and we don’t have all the answers, but our hands are to the plow and we need the rest of the city to join us. I think it’s important that everyone know that we know there is more music out there that we haven’t tapped into yet, but I truly believe if we are able to build out our facility as we plan, we will be able to gather a full representation of all San Antonio has to offer and build on of the most diverse musical networks you can find anywhere.”

Learn more about SA Sound Garden here:

About the Author
Alex Barclay is a freelance music journalist and label representative at TIMEWHEEL. A long time listener of progressive music, Alex has been an active member in the San Antonio independent music scene for years.