Flying Lotus, or more appropriately, steve as he is now known in the sphere of videography, has just shared the trailer for his upcoming directorial debut known simply as Kuso. The film is an offbeat horror film of sorts, depicting the bizarre and nightmarish aftermath of the ‘worst’ earthquake that Los Angeles has ever experienced. The film will have feature appearances from P-funk architect George Clinton, comedians Tim Heidecker, Hannibal Buress, Anders Holm and more, as well as new and original music from FlyLo, Captain Murphy, Aphex Twin and Akira Yamoaka. steve has shared that the film is inspired by “pretty much everything [he’s] afraid of.”

Kuso will be premiering at Sundance on Saturday, January 21. Check out the perplexing film-flyer and minute-long official trailer for Kuso, available below.