Danish artist Thomas Dambo is a sculptor who utilizes recycled materials to construct large-scale sculptures in evocative situations and locations in the wilderness. In the past three years alone, Dambo has erected 25 of his enormous recycled sculptures around the world, the most notable of which are the ones situated in his hometown of Copenhagen known as The Six Forgotten Giants.

Meticulously constructed with the help of his team of local volunteers, Dambo placed each of the six giants among some of his favorite locations throughout the region’s wooded areas. He chose these specific locations as they are off the beaten track and are seldom visited by wanderers, adding to the enchanting experience of stumbling across one of these hospitable denizens of the forest. The materials used in this particular project were sourced from 600 junk pallets, an old fence, a dilapidated shed and other various sources. Each giant was named after one of the volunteers and are complete with their own unique characteristics and sense of personality based on their positions and surrounding sceneries.

“I hope my art will inspire people to see the big potential in recycling and taking better care of our planet,” Dambo shares in his bored panda submission.

Scroll down to check out some photographs of the forgotten giants. For more information or to see more of Dambo’s recycled sculptures, visit the links below. (h/t: bored panda) | facebook | youtube