Mar de Fe is a San Francisco-based design studio that produces various types of furnishings and decorative ornaments, each of which possesses a unique and indescribable aesthetic. The studio was founded in 2016 by Industrial Designer and Betzalel Art Academy graduate, Mariana Folberg, and is proud to offer locally manufactured, high-design products of the utmost quality while maintaining affordability.

The latest project to emerge from the Mar de Fe studio are these striking plant sculptures that emit a calm, soothing light for one’s home or office. The detail put into these enamoring little lights is remarkable, as Folberg studied the plants that she has replicated down to the subtle veins in their leaves. Each leaf is molded out of acrylic and illuminated with LED lighting, giving each plant a warm and enchanting appearance that can really change up an atmosphere.

“Each Lamp plant is unique, every leaf is bent individually to create an organic form that is one of a kind, just like nature does.” Folberg wrote to bored panda.

Below you will find a photo collection of some of Mariana’s beautiful glowing plants. To learn more about her work and the work of Mar de Fe studio, check out the links below.(h/t: bored panda) | etsy | facebook