Relinquished earlier this week, Gojira’s official music video for “The Cell” off their latest album Magma has been catching fire worldwide. The video is a relentless onslaught, brilliantly communicating the anguish from which the track was composed and the torment of being locked and lost within the confines of one’s own mental prison. Directed by Drew Cox and created using a thermal-imaging camera, the piece is a mauling, provocative performance that captures the essence of Gojira’s energy in stunning detail.

Regarding the title of their album Magma, frontman Joseph Duplantier told Kerrang!: “To me, ‘magma’ is the primal energy. It’s the blood of the earth. It’s hot. It’s dangerous. It is the guts. It’s this music. It’s the music we play. It’s fusion. It’s fire. It’s electricity. It’s… everything that we’re trying to express with this music. That’s what it means to me, ‘magma.’

Check out the official music video for “The Cell” in the stream above and check back for updates regarding this and the latest in music news.