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Gorillaz have officially broken the long silence with the appropriately-timed release of their new song and video “Hallelujah Money,” a commemoration of President-Elect Donald Trump’s entry into office. Featuring the poetic stylings of Mercury Prize Winning British artist, Benjamin Clementine and directed by Gorillaz and Giorgio Testi, the evocative video depicts Clementine as he delivers a rhetorical introspection on business, power and humanity from within Trump Tower. Behind him rolls a bone-chilling montage of killer clowns, cartoon characters, kabuki dancers and imagery from the La Candelaria brotherhood, the subversive messagery of which is palpable. This is the first taste of what’s to come in the new Gorillaz record which is due to release later this year.

Watch the video for “Hallelujah Money” via UPROXX below and check back for updates regarding this and other music news.