The hype surrounding Gorillaz’ upcoming release was taken a step further this month, as Reddit users stumbled across a cryptic message on what appeared to be a genuine OKCupid account for the band’s fictional guitarist/keyboardist Noodle. Although the account has since been taken down, the “self-summary” portion of the profile simply read “Ready? 12:11” and was signed “xx DA,” leaving many speculating as to what this subtle messagery could mean.

Many feel that the signature “DA” is likely that of Damon Albarn who was recently quoted telling a fan that the new album will be finished shortly. Adding to this speculation is the fact that, before the profile was deleted, the profile image was changed from Noodle to a picture of who appeared to be none other than Damon Albarn himself. Since the discovery, fans have been deciphering the possibilities as to what this message, if even true, could mean in regard to the upcoming release. Might we hear new Gorillaz on November 12? December 11? Or perhaps 12:11 PM or AM on some undisclosed date? It appears that only time will tell.

Below are a couple of screen captures from the occurrence, as well as links for Gorillaz’ official handles. Check back for more development. | instagram | facebook | youtube