*Update* TIMEWHEEL Radioshow Ep. 53 is out now. Check it out in the stream above.

We are excited to announce that Episode 53 of the TIMEWHEEL Radio Show series will be hosted by California-based electronic music producer, Jasper Patterson, aka Groundislava. Posted up on the West coast, Patterson has made a reputation for himself as one of the most prominent chiptune musicians in the game. Having spent much of his youth with a gamepad in hand, he now utilizes his honed and deep-seated passion for video games by incorporating their very essence into his career as a musician. Aside from the obligatory gaming session, Patterson spends his time smashing boundaries and turning out some of the illest 8-bit synthesized sounds in the West, or just straight kicking it with his friends, colleagues and fam in the WEDIDIT Collective based in West Hollywood.

Be on the lookout for Episode 53 of the TIMEWHEEL Radio Show hosted by Groundislava to drop Wednesday, August 2 at 10:00 PM CST on our soundcloud. In the mean time, check out more from GiL and the WEDIDIT Collective at:

GiL –  spotifyitunes | soundcloudinstagram
WEDIDIT – wediditcollective.com | soundcloud | instagram | twitter