Presented by TIMEWHEEL and hosted by Game Time Entertainment, OVER YA HEAD is a new podcast series that explores some of the most strange, fascinating and mysterious topics submitted by TIMEWHEEL’s fans, artists and team members. In the fourth installment to the series, Ark (@expansionsofq), Trionre (@trionre), TrillHippy (@trillhippy) and Xian (@xianarchive) join the GTE crew on set for a meeting of the minds. Covering a broad range of bewildering topics in this week’s talk, they examine the details, mull over the circumstances and explore every possibility. Check out episode four above.

Topics covered in the discussion:

  • Donnie Darko Returns To Theaters (Plot Twist?)
  • Time travel & Multiverse theory
  • The Fresno Nightcrawler (Princess Mononoke Spirits?)
  • People dissapearing in National Parks
  • 26-Foot Tall Alien Squid
  • Darren’s (Intense AF) Kundalini Awakening
  • Random DMT Secretions in Daily Life
  • Mystical Experience Links All Religions
  • Simon Haiduk’s 3-month stay at Damanhur
  • Underground Temples of Light in Italy
  • Time traveler from 600 Years in future returns to save humanity
  • Does the Alexa Virtual Assistant work for the CIA?

Music by @expansionsofq, @simonhaiduk & @supertask
Photography by ark, episodenone, 40hands with art by Simon Haiduk

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