Okuda San Miguel is a muralist who takes old, abandoned churches and transforms them into stunning prismatic masterpieces. For his latest project, Miguel set out to an abandoned Moroccan church and turned what was a deteriorating eye-soar into a 360° mural titled 11 Mirages to Freedom, a beautiful composition of kaleidoscopic lions, bears, birds and human faces, all carefully created using symmetric principles. Using a clever combination of colors, the many facets of his paintings look as if they are three-dimensional, almost as if they are popping off of the wall they rest on.

If you would like to see more of Miguel’s signature mural work, check the video Infinite World which is included below, as well as the artist’s facebook and instagram.

TW_ChurchMural01_670 TW_ChurchMural02_670 TW_ChurchMural03_670 TW_ChurchMural04_670 TW_ChurchMural05_670 TW_ChurchMural07_670

TW_ChurchMural08_670 TW_ChurchMural09_670 TW_ChurchMural10_670 TW_ChurchMural11_670 TW_ChurchMural12_670 TW_ChurchMural13_670