Lusine’s new video for “Just a Cloud” off of his latest album Sensorimotor is a hypnotic expedition into a different realm. The video starts out with an actress stepping onto a bus for what seems like an ordinary ride, but as she slips on her headphones and shuts her eyes, the real journey begins.

Directed by Michael Reisinger, the video is a perfect accompaniment for the uniquely soothing, although energetic progression of “Just a Cloud.” It was created using an intricate rig complete with 11 LED panels and over 1,000 feet of wiring, all of which surrounded our protagonist during the filming. Throughout the journey, the LED lights imitate the beats of the music with the ride becoming more intense until the woman opens her eyes to find herself in an alternate plane of existence.

Lusine’s track made the video,” says Reisinger. “For some time I’ve loved the idea of a video portrait with dynamic lighting synchronized to music. But I don’t make videos for the technical challenges. I need something emotional or experiential, something people can appreciate beyond technicalities or craft. When I listened to the track, all that motivation clicked into place.

Check out video for “Just a Cloud” in the stream above and get the Lusine’s Sensorimotor album here.