TIMEWHEEL Radio Show #33 hosted by LaJIT

LaJIT ‘s latest record, How It Feel is out now via TIMEWHEEL. The EP features the title track “How It Feel” which dropped earlier this month as a teaser for the record, as well as “My Daddy Said” which made its debut in a split-single in September, plus two new tracks. On the release, LaJIT continues to create a heavy, brooding and industrial vibe with each song. The fierce nature of his performance complimented by his robust and forceful self-produced beat-work seamlessly communicates the passion by which he is driven to create.

Below, you can find the EP’s tracklist and album art as well a stream of the EP. Be on the look out How It Feel EP on Spotify & Apple Music in the coming days.

To hear more from LaJIT, check him out on:
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How It Feel:
1. How It Feel
2. My Daddy Said
3. H Y P E
4. Runnin’