Photograph by Joel Santos

Presented by TIMEWHEEL and hosted by Game Time Entertainment, OVER YA HEAD is a podcast series that explores some of the most strange, fascinating and mysterious topics submitted by TIMEWHEEL’s fans, artists and team members. Things get weird in this week’s episode with Maslo, The INF, Xian and Revive joining the set to delve into some truly over ya head subject matter. Check it out in the stream below.

Topics covered in the conversation:

  • Legal Cannabis Concentrate Bars in Colorado
  • Rapper Falls Over After Dab
  • SHEATH spot on WOAI
  • New Music from MASLO, THE INF & REVIVE
  • Lost Pygmy Tribe – Mysterious Small Man on Camera
  • First Head Transplant In Human History
  • Massive Underground Vault Houses Seeds from World Plants
  • Denver Airport Conspiracy
  • Giant Bunkers Beneath Airport
  • Evil Blue Horse Statue Kills Creator
  • Strange Paintings That Millions of People Walk By
  • Violent Video Games (MW2 / GTA)
  • Visible Light Emits from Black Hole
  • Interstellar Theory

Music by THE INF and MASLO

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