OVER YA HEAD is a new podcast series presented by TIMEWHEEL and hosted by Gametime Entertainment. The series delves deep beneath the surface, bringing to light some of the most strange, fascinating and controversial topics. For the third installment, Something Fiction (@somethingfiction) joins the set for an intriguing discussion, mulling over a variety of existential topics and idealistic theories. Approaching each subject with open perception and an investigative mindset, they deliberate the possibilities and hone their understanding of the world’s mysterious ongoings. Check out episode three, available for stream below.

Topics covered in the discussion:

  • Mammoth Clones in Siberia
  • Global Warming Cover-up
  • Lab-created human-pig hybrids (Chimeras)
  • Robots geared toward relationships
  • Cell phones causing cancer & EMF sensitivity
  • Kundalini and its link to DMT
  • “Heaven’s Gates” opening over Vatican
  • Project Blue Beam
  • Inter-dimensional Portals

Music: Supertask – “Off” // Supertask – “On” // Something Fiction – “Dharma”

Miss episode two? Catch it here.