On Tuesday, July 12th label artist MASLO announced through his Twitter account that he will be releasing a new track exclusively during the 91.7 KTRU FM Indie Overnight “Live & Local” broadcast as a part of the TIMEWHEEL Takeover tonight from 10pm to 12am CST. The feature will include a live interview with MASLO and five other artists from our roster who are also showcasing brand new material of their own.

MASLO is a San Antonio-based electronic music artist whose sound can be described as transcendental soundscapes with complex changes in rhythm, unconventional shifts in tonality, and a diversified range of musical influences. He does not pick one individual subgenre to focus on. Despite the experimental nature of his tracks, MASLO is still able to pull off enjoyable live performances in which people can’t help but move to the music. The hype is real at any given TIMEWHEEL event, but I’m always anticipating MASLO’s DJ set.

I had the opportunity to hear the new material before the official release and “HNZŌ” manifests itself as a large, atmospheric wall of sound before diving into a wild groove of drum and bass that rolls forward with no hesitation. Sporadic shifts in the beat express feelings of passion and endurance in the listener’s mind. The energy alludes to the sensation of dancing or martial arts while the abrupt pauses in the beat seem to emulate the conscious state of one’s mind during meditation.

Overall, I enjoy the mood of this song and look forward to seeing MASLO perform it live at Brick where TIMEWHEEL is hosting a “Takeover” experience to showcase our label artists which will feature a guest performance by Third Eye.

MASLO can be found on Soundcloud.

About the Author
Alex Barclay is a freelance music journalist and label representative at TIMEWHEEL. A long time listener of progressive music, Alex has been an active member in the San Antonio independent music scene for years and is also a staff member at Imagine Books & Records, the Loudest Bookstore in Texas.