Cory Allen of Austin, Texas is an author, meditation instructor, music composer and host of popular podcast series, The Astral Hustle. He has become well known for his guided meditation courses, both online and in person, in which he combines his self-composed soundscapes with a seamless arsenal of well-honed breathing and meditation techniques for achieving profound states of solace and clarity.

Knowing that there are those who prefer to explore meditative states unguided, or those who are simply no longer in need of guidance, Cory has made a selection of his latest binaural compositions available for purchase. This powerful audio technology has been created specifically for the purpose of inducing positive brainwave states that can calm and focus the mind, useful in both meditation as well as any focus-oriented task. “I’ve spent over a decade researching how audio tones can positively change mental states,” Allen shares on his site. “I believe these binaural beats are the best available and can powerfully enhance daily life.”

The four available tracks – ‘Bliss Fountain’, ‘River of Peace’, ‘Eternal Wave’ and my personal favorite, ‘Opening Eye’ – are unlike your ordinary meditative soundscapes in that they have been carefully composed to produce a phenomenon known as ‘beating’. Beating occurs when a specific tone is played into one ear while a slightly altered tone is played into the other, producing a sinusoidal audio effect that vibrates at the same rate as the desired brainwave. At this point, the brain begins to align itself with the desired brainwave state and compensates for the beating tone, unlocking mysterious and unfamiliar corridors within the meditative mind. The profound effect produced by music of this nature can be likened to the purpose for which many believe ceremonial monoliths such as Stonehenge were originally constructed.

To purchase, hear samples or to simply get some more information regarding the science behind Cory’s binaural beats, visit The four tracks can be acquired individually or in a bundle, each clocking in at around thirty minutes in length for a total of two hours of entraining audio. As an homage to our readership, Cory has provided us with promotional code ‘timewheel’ to save 10% on your purchase.

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