Artwork by Raul Casillas

Third Eye Drops is a society and culture media outlet, appropriately described on their site as “a curious conversational coven filled with novelty nuggets that nurse, nurture and nuzzle your awe and wonder muscles.” In their weekly podcast series, known as Mind Meld, host Michael Phillip has the opportunity to speak with a wide array of successful artists, thinkers, authors and philosophers of all walks of life.

In this installment of the Mind Meld series, host Michael Phillip had the chance to speak with filmmaker and culture curator, Mitch Schultz. Known for his work on DMT: The Spirit Molecule and Huachuma, Schultz uses his artistic prowess in order to educate, open minds and encourage existential exploration with his films, podcasts and live talks. He is also the founder of MYTHAPHI, a multimedia production and distribution platform.

In the discussion, the two explore: the genesis of DMTTSM, the psychedelic experience and it’s correlation to data, being born with curiosity, the relationship between us and nature, how to follow up on a successful creative project, creativity in a post-gnosis life, the research of Rick Strassman, Mitch’s first DMT experience and more. Check it out below