OVER YA HEAD is a new podcast series hosted by Gametime Entertainment that delves deep beneath the surface and brings to light some of the most strange, fascinating and controversial topics. For the second episode of the series, the GTE crew is joined by label artists Verisimilitude for a coalescence of the minds. Their investigative discussion covers a broad range of existential, philosophical and artful topics, each of which they thoroughly deliberate and share their personal thoughts and understanding. Check out episode two, available for stream in both audio and video below.

Topics covered in the discussion:

  • Nibru (our solar system’s 9th planet)
  • Ibogaine / Iboga
  • Underwater Aliens
  • 95% of Ocean Unexplored
  • Simulation Theory
  • Fractal Multiverses
  • Dreaming is 22 years of our lives
  • Zombie Attack Ready Houses and Fallout Shelters
  • Elon Musk’s new inventions
  • Verticle-landing spaceships

Photo credit for the imagery used in the video goes to Oscar Moreno and Xian.
Music: Verisimiltiude – “Panazatazum & Nova” // LaJIT – “My Daddy Said”

Miss episode one? Catch it here.