Madrid based painter, Okuda San Miguel (previously) has become renowned for his prismatic, kaleidoscopic style. What’s more is his remarkable talent of communicating a powerful, unspoken message with his use of narrative, symbolism and masterful object placement. Addressing existential conflicts and questions that our society is facing, Miguel’s works have a way of inciting thought and the desire to question the hypocrisies of freedom in the climate of a capitalistic world.

In his US debut exhibition in LA last April, Mayan Renaissance, Miguel presented a new series of enamel paintings, sculptures and tapestries adorned with thought-provoking imagery made with his signature geometric style and breathtaking use of color. Miguel’s inspiration for this particular series was brought on by a trip that he recently took to the city of Sicily where he encountered the timeless masterpieces of hisotric artists such as Jean-Pierre, Bernini and more. Reinterpreting the historic figures, he produced scenes in which the ancient mythologies meet modern politics and pop-culture for a hard subjective look at our state of existence.

“My art reflects my love of metamorphosis. Playing with shape and form, I highlight this juxtaposition within my characters, mixing up their shapes and personalities. I paint my faces with geometric patterns to show equality among the different races, placing all skin types on the same level; multi-colors symbolize multi-culturalism,” Okuda shares. “My works always have a touch of some recognizable elements; for example, eyes are painted with the black and white of the cosmic universe. I use colors as a symbol of life and the natural world, whilst the grey scale in my paintings represents cement, death, dust and the material of classical sculptures. I am constantly challenged to find a harmonious balance of the grey scale with my vibrant palette – I need to create to be happy, and feel alive. Art is the meaning of my life.” – Statement from the artist. (h/t: juxtapoz)

Check out some of the pieces from Miguel’s Mayan Renaissance in the selection below. For more information and to see some of his previous works, check out Miguel on: | facebook | instagram