Tindàr is an Italian illustrator who carries on the lost art of putting pencil to paper. Originally a Business Management major at the Bocconi University, Tindàr decided to switch gears after graduating and went on to attend Rome’s La Sapienza University where he studied the History of Art. He also began to attend the city’s Academy of Fine Arts where he specialized in hand-drawn artwork.

Presented below is one of Tindàr’s projects known as Roots. Originally exhibited to the public by RvB Arts in 2012, the installation borrows from the mysteriousness of the hidden world of tree roots. Drawn entirely by pencil, this unique and captivating collection captures the primal and antiquated symbology of a trees’ roots by cascading them over and burrowing them into the pages of old texts and manuscripts.

One of Tindàr’s Roots pieces has received a lot of attention in particular. Titled Awareness of Religions(below), the piece is an exploration of human faith and its place in our history. Using torn-out excerpts from three sacred texts – the Torah, Quran and Bible – as a canvas, Tindàr drew a vast entanglement of roots combining all of the excerpts into one soil foundation from which the tree of life sprouted. It serves a beacon of unification and as a reminder that, despite differences in beliefs and ideologies, we have all come from the same place and will continue to grow together as one.

“Although the story that we write every day seems to prove otherwise, I like to think that something will change, that it is changing right now or has already changed, even just in the dreams of those who want to believe in these things,” Tindàr wrote about Roots.

Check out Roots in the collection of photographs below. For more information and to see more of Tindàr’s work, visit: Tindàr | facebook

Awareness of Religions