Presented by TIMEWHEEL and hosted by Game Time Entertainment, OVER YA HEAD is a podcast series that explores some of the most strange, fascinating and mysterious topics submitted by TIMEWHEEL’s fans, artists and team members. For the eighth installment of the series, ark and 40hands join the GTE crew to discuss some of the perplexing events taking place in the world. Exploring all of the possibilities, they leave no stone unturned in this over ya head analysis of what has been developing in our corner of the universe. Check it out in the stream above.

Topics covered in the conversation:

  • ark & 40’s new stop motion film ‘9/8’
  • Creativity and Success
  • Artist / Philosopher recently Vanishes from Earth
  • Decoding Symbols & Hieroglyphics
  • Giordano Bruno – The man who Tripped DMT in the 15th Century
  • Mystical Awakenings
  • Animal Successfully Cloned in Artificial Womb
  • Super babies of the Future
  • Products rolling out more slowly than technology advances
  • People who fight as a form of dance
  • Headbanging as a spiritual practice (do not attempt)
  • Reality Simulation Theory Re-opened
  • Advanced Video Games & VR
  • Old man tries to smoke weed for first time
  • A New Understanding at Psychedelic Science 2017
  • Meditation and Psychedelics
  • Cannabis Legalization
  • Women who show WEEDS was based from
  • Ant takes joint to queen

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