No Signal

Artist : SaeN
Title : No Signal
Release Date : December 11, 2016

The new release from experimental music creator SaeN is a beautifully dizzying and twirling ride into a sea of deep electronica and IDM. The 5 track EP titled ‘No Signal’ was composed and mixed solely with the artist’s arsenal of analog equipment, creating a uniquely thick dynamic reminiscent of the earliest electronic music. The melodies and rhythms of each track haunt and astound, creating a textural space that listeners won’t glimpse outside of the world of SaeN. The feeling of songs like ‘Munja’ and ‘Overleaf’ have a child-like innocence accompanied by a heavy and looming sensation, almost like a memory that is scattered and hazy, but all too easy to recall. Many of the moments created throughout the EP would feel at home at an early 90’s rave scene with participants wearing the most exotic of fashion. Bright and shimmery, yet broody and deep, the entirety of this release is a potent and fun look into the most advanced compositions of SaeN’s musical career.