INF - Phoenix


Artist : The INF
Title : Phoenix
Release Date : September 28, 2015

The INF‘s debut release ‘PHOENIX’ is an episodic third-eye-rap concept album consisting of self-produced alternative electronic beats, songs and experimental intervals. Presenting a sound defined as “The Digital Afterlife”, the highly lyrical style of this emerging artist explores expanded perception, occultism and the controversial mysteries of the universe.

Recorded and co-produced by Xian of Something Fiction in one 2-hour session at TIMEWHEEL Studios in San Antonio, the speed of THE INF’s workflow is staggering. With the entirety of each song captured in a single take, an element of poetic channeling is felt throughout the listening experience. In addition to co-producing the album, Xian also guest features on the short-ballad “V for Life”, a song that is more sung than rapped, adding even more diversity to this progressive collection of ideas. ‘PHOENIX’ features thought-provoking and spiritually charged bars with a very distinct alternative-rock approach that is sure to make this release stand alone in its aesthetic.