SaeN - Zero Lover Gaze

Zero Lover Gaze

Artist : SaeN
Title : Zero Lover Gaze
Release Date : October 1, 2015

Experimental electronic producer SaeN has officially released his long awaited 8-track EP Zero Lover Gaze.
The cerebral, heavy and progressive nature of this avant-garde electronic collection of tracks will leave you at a loss for words, description or recollection of your identity entirely. Transforming scenes, dynamic synthesizers and technical but groovy IDM drum sequences all interweave throughout this hyperspace-inspired sonic journey. The method of SaeN’s production is shrouded in a symbolic language he transmits through his uniquely colored photographs across social media.

Saen issued the following statement in regards to his release. “Maddening progression of percussive music traveling at 160 BPM’s… May cause Neurosis, Epileptic Seizures, Confusion, Schizophrenia, Manic Tendency, and more !”