Thomson’s Lamp

Artist : Supertask
Title : Thomson's Lamp
Release Date : October 1, 2017

Supertask’s new EP Thomson’s Lamp is out now via TIMEWHEEL. The record is a satisfying continuation of the immersive, transitory groove presented in Supertasks’s November release of the album’s title track “Thomson’s Lamp,” and makes for a fitting addition to his catalog.

Kyle Bishoff, the man behind Supertask, creates an amazing mood in Thomson’s Lamp, consisting of many subtleties and small, perfectly-placed pieces that seamlessly flow together as if they were formulaically solved-for. The relentlessness of the vibratory bassline coupled with his influential and unmistakable synth and percussion work results in a captivating and gratifying progression from start to finish. A hypnotizing and celestial-esque reverberation pervades each track, inducing an intriguing and mesmeric state of thought as listeners make their way from one song to the next. Consisting of only five tracks, the EP in its entirety brings with it a warm, comforting sensation of peace and solace for a quick psychical get away.

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How It Feel

Artist : LaJIT
Title : How It Feel
Release Date : January 17, 2017

LaJIT drops the title track to his new EP ‘How It Feel’ via TIMEWHEEL.


No Signal

Artist : SaeN
Title : No Signal
Release Date : November 12, 2016

The new release from experimental music creator SaeN is a beautifully dizzying and twirling ride into a sea of deep electronica and IDM. The 5 track EP titled ‘No Signal’ was composed and mixed solely with the artist’s arsenal of analog equipment, creating a uniquely thick dynamic reminiscent of the earliest electronic music. The melodies and rhythms of each track haunt and astound, creating a textural space that listeners won’t glimpse outside of the world of SaeN. The feeling of songs like ‘Munja’ and ‘Overleaf’ have a child-like innocence accompanied by a heavy and looming sensation, almost like a memory that is scattered and hazy, but all too easy to recall. Many of the moments created throughout the EP would feel at home at an early 90’s rave scene with participants wearing the most exotic of fashion. Bright and shimmery, yet broody and deep, the entirety of this release is a potent and fun look into the most advanced compositions of SaeN’s musical career.



Artist : H E X A
Title : LULU
Release Date : May 12, 2016

Dipping his feet into new waters, the multi-media mastermind behind the visual art of Ghostdrank and the musical textures of H E X A has unveiled the latest chapter in his artistic exploration. The electronic artist’s latest release ‘LULU’ is a light-hearted transition into uncharted territory. Child-like nostalgia erupts quickly after the new single begins, using distant voices, bleeps and heavy kicks that blast listeners into a beautifully haunting sonic space. Unconventional and full of mood, this is some of the most experimental music from H E X A yet.



Artist : MASLO
Release Date : November 11, 2016

MASLO releases his debut EP “ANIMISM” on TIMEWHEEL.