In this installment of Third Eye Drops’ Mind Meld podcast series, host Michael Phillip had the chance to speak with clinical psychopharmacology researcher and author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule Rick Strassman, MD, whose research has laid the foundation for the merge of modernity and the mystical.

In this discussion, the two explore Eastern philosophies and their relationship to psychedelic substances, the juxtaposition of the western worldview against the shamanistic one, the cosmic law of cause and effect, whether or not psychedelic substances were involved in biblical prophecy, Bodhicitta, the disinformation, censorship and demonization of psychedelics and why it occurred, and much more. The stream is available below.

If you haven’t already, be sure to also check out Dr. Strassman’s latest work, DMT and the Soul of Prophecy, which explores the similarities between the visions of the biblical prophets and the DMT state described by his research volunteers.