Friday, November 11th marked the official launch of San Antonio Sound Garden, an ambitious music & arts organization that intends to expand the local music scene and show the world that there is a cultural movement in our hometown that will make an impact for generations to come. The organization subsequently launched an Indiegogo campaign where people who want to support the cause can donate money in exchange for a wide variety of “perks” ranging from different levels of membership to exclusive prizes such as a Full-Week Getaway, House Party, and a chance to have your own event at Alamo Beer Hall. Smaller donations will also be rewarded with merchandise packages and membership in the organization. A strong statement is included on the campaign’s page:

“We exist to ignite the music industry, and we believe that musical excellence and artistic integrity are essential to the development of the local music community and economy in San Antonio. At San Antonio Sound Garden we provide the resources, workshops, networks, and opportunities necessary for our musicians and artists to succeed.  In order to cultivate a thriving community, it is essential that we invest in local talent and provide the foundation for a sense of excellence and professionalism to persist.

In six short months, we have taken our desire to grow the local music economy and led a successful Music Showcase, received the endorsement of national, state, and local leaders, and garnered the belief of the City of San Antonio through a $25,000 investment used to create a baseline for the economic impact of music on our city. All the while we are continuing to lead our community musical forums, in-studio performances in our new production facility, and successfully executing workshops so that SA knows how much we value this community and its education.”

As a part of the official launch, the first SASG event – “11/11 You Vote They Win Party” – was held at Alamo Beer Hall that night. The event, which was highly successful in attendance, gained enormous amounts of exposure for featured artists Femina-X, Amea, Young Costello, and Junkie. Being there was a mind-blowing experience, and it gave us all a taste of what is to come for our sprouting local music industry that grows faster every day thanks to people like SASG, not to mention all of the amazing venues citywide providing the medium for this movement.

Edwin J. Stephens, the founder and CEO of San Antonio Sound Garden, is also singer, guitarist, and producer for the local indie rock band known as fishermen. He had this to say about the growing San Antonio music scene:

“I’ve watched SA’s music scenes and culture ebb, flow, transform and evolve several times over the past 19 or so years. I’ve witnessed unbelievable local talent come and go, putting on amazing shows and releasing unbelievable music that the vast majority of our community will never hear about. As much as those times are a treasure, it’s exciting to think that we are on the precipice of a movement that can give a spotlight and a fighting chance to the incredible talent our city produces.”

Learn more about SASG and donate to their cause here.

About the Author
Alex Barclay is a freelance music journalist and label representative at TIMEWHEEL. A long time listener of progressive music, Alex has been an active member in the San Antonio independent music scene for years.

Header Image by Rey Lopez