Oregon-based label producer, Supertask has released a new music video for his remix of Telepopmusik’s “Breathe.” The video is an illusory, dreamlike journey created in collaboration with Lumis Memorie Photography and starring Light Matter Jewelry‘s Chloe Moe in a compelling story told through stunning footage captured in the Cascade mountains of Oregon seamlessly interlaced with artistically directed cutaways to the affairs of our protagonist. The video flows superfluously alongside the Supertask’s quixotic take on the already soothing, hypnotic work of Telepopmusik, demonstrating not just his continuous evolution as a musician, but also the development of his directorial eye.

Check out the music video for the remix of “Breathe” in the stream above. For more information, or to see and hear more from Supertask, follow him on:

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