Photo Credit: Oscar Moreno

The TIMEWHEEL Radio Show is coming back around for its second season, and there is a lot to look forward to. With contributions from label artists Verisimilitude and Femina-XLaJIT and Everglades producer Nick León already underway, this season’s line-up is showing a great deal of promise.

With the expectations set forth by our first season of the Radio Show, it is clear that we have our work cutout for us. Season One featured musical compilations arranged by an exceptional lineup of artists including TIMEWHEEL’s Skytree, Mayad, SaeN, arkeologistMaslo and The INF, as well as contributions from kodomo, Ghostpizza, Jungle Noize and many more. Each installment was met with great reception which we hope to not only achieve, but exceed in our presentation of the TIMEWHEEL Radio Show Season Two.

Catch the first episode of Season Two tonight, Wednesday, December 21 at 6PM CST featuring a musical mix by label artists Verisimilitude. If you are not already familiar with the show, or if you would like to revisit some of your favorites, fill your afternoon with the gripping and eclectic musical stylings found throughout Season One of the TIMEWHEEL Radio Show, available [here] and in the stream below. Be on the look out tonight for Season Two Episode One and check back for updates on this and other news!