[ Q ], otherwise known as “Expansions of Q,” is a Texas-based experimental jazz quartet that has been leaving audiences stunned with their casual, but complex free-form style of live performance. Recent label meetings have concluded that the group is in process of recording their first record in several studios affiliated with TIMEWHEEL in San Antonio. The title is currently unknown, and there is no expected release date, however it is an exciting development from within the label.

The band naturally coalesced as spontaneous jam sessions between four TIMEWHEEL artists who have made a strong impact within the label and throughout Texas. The project consists of Raul Rodriguez (guitar), the lead guitarist and co-producer of Something Fiction, the often-coupled multi-instrumentalists Arkeologist and 40Hands (bass and keys, respectively) and producer and musician Jonah Conrad (drums). Together, the band creates a laid-back fusion of contemporary free-jazz which is powered by the creative expanses of each member’s own creative ambitions. The synergy between the bandmates makes for an invigorating sound and live performance that leaves spectators in awe.

Currently there is no music available from [ Q ] online, but you can hear each of the artists in their own projects below.

Arkeologist & 40hands:

Jonah Conrad:

Something Fiction: