Nootropics are comprised of nutrients that the body may not be getting from the modern western diet. The term ‘nootropic’ was termed in 1972 with the definition being to bend or turn the mind by altering the availability of certain neurochemicals, stimulating nerve growth, or improving oxygen and blood to the brain. Referred to as smart drugs, cognitive enhancers, memory enhancers, or intelligence enhancers, these supplements are attributed to increased mental agility.

Onnit, the maker of Alpha Brain, a popular nootropic, recently funded a study conducted by the Boston Center for Memory. Using a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized study, the results showed that Alpha Brain demonstrates statistically significant cognitive improvement for healthy adults. Alpha Brain’s primary advocate, Joe Rogan, says he has personally experienced a heightened sense of clarity with improved motor function and verbal memory. The problem with the current findings in the eyes of medical professionals is that some feel the conducted study is bias, as they were bought and paid for by the manufacturer of the substance and the findings barely meet the criteria to be considered significant. The findings need to be replicated in order to be authenticated, which has yet to occur.


Many people feel the nootropic is simply a placebo effect and some feel it is an out right scam. There is a growing source of data being compiled by research studies being conducted in various research institutes at the expense of Onnit in an attempt to validate their claims of improved mental function while supplementing your diet with their flagship product, Alpha Brain.

There is no denying that there is, in fact, a reaction in the brain from taking the supplement due primarily to the unanimously reported increase in vivid dreams. This demonstrates increased function in the cerebral cortex, therefore providing further evidence in support of the claim that Alpha Brain improves mental plasticity. Until the findings are replicated the case is not closed, but if Alpha Brain is capable of its alleged mind optimization without harming the body, then it is certainly something to consider. For more information of the ongoing search for total human optimization, be sure to check out Onnit Labs


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