Clément Briend (previously) is a French artist and photographer who specializes in projection. He has featured his enamoring projection artwork all across the globe, continuously finding new and provocative ways to demonstrate the extraordinary potential and capability of photoprojection.

Now, Briend has decided to introduce his photoprojection technology to the public. Known simply as VISIO, this device is the first analog, battery powered, modular projection box ever designed for purchase. Rather than digital projection, which constitutes the majority of modern projection devices, the VISIO utilizes camera lenses to project slides with an unparalleled picture quality, superior to even that of a 4K image as the projections of the VISIO are entirely pixel free. It can be thought of more as a ‘reverse photography.’

“The photograph projects an image towards the film, while the projection returns the image in space. Photography takes the object into an image, the projection reincarnates it to restore the body to the image. The photograph is a recording, the projection a restitution. Photography is timeless, projection is an event.”
-Clément Briend

The VISIO comes equipped with an interchangeable mount, allowing it to be used with any and every 35mm lens to provide a vast number of options for projecting a given image using equipment most of us already have. Despite its small size, the VISIO is incredibly powerful, producing up to 1,500 lumens. The purpose behind this device and its modest price point is to create a teaching and learning tool that is technically and financially accessible to as many people as possible.

Briend has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help make the VISIO a reality. Various rewards, including anything from VISIO accessories to entire VISIO projection kits, are being given to the backers who help them reach their goal. To contribute to the campaign, or more information about the VISIO’s technology, capability and the artist who designed the device, visit the links below. Check out the video and the imagery provided below to see the VISIO in action.

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