(curated by Xian)

Following the announcement of their upcoming OK Computer (1997) reissue OKNOTOK, Radiohead has shared a new music video for a previously unheard song titled “Man of War” which marks the second of three unreleased tracks that will appear on the commemorative album. The other two are named ”Lift” and “I Promise” which has also been released with a music video that can be viewed here.

Directed by Collin Read, the peculiar video encompasses a man who is ominously being followed by several people for reasons unbeknownst to himself or the audience. The camera-work effectively captures the enigmatic nature of the band’s songwriting by seemingly fueling the main character’s paranoia as he is followed closely. The constant switching of shots between day are hypnotizing to the eye and make one feel as if they are drifting into a trance. The lines between reality and dream-state are blurred, and the main character is being pursued in a way that seems increasingly insidious yet vague.

Check out the new video for “Man of War” in the area below, as well as the previously released video for “I Promise.”