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Can Büyükberber is the latest addition to the epic arsenal of mind-bending visual artists that work with art-metal band Tool. Büyükberber recently shared a video that gives a short but fulfilling glimpse of his latest work for the band, employing in the art the “morphogenesis and higher dimensional geometries” that Tool is known to be inspired by.

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“I have worked on new visuals based on my current experiments with morphogenesis and higher dimensional geometries for one of my all-time favorite bands – Tool,” Büyükberber says on his site. “Consisting of 10 video loops, the visuals took place for the first time in Tempe, AZ concert, the only show of 2015 and later were involved in the 2016 U.S. tour accompanying the new song ‘Descending.'”


The visuals are just as trippy and metaphysical as you would expect, but the hues and textures explored add a new and never-before-seen dimension to the visual element of the Tool live experience. Learn more on Can’s official site, and enjoy the video below.