Sourcery is the third full length album by A Path Untold, aka producer/composer Daniel Merrill. The album is a meditation on ancient and sacred realms of the mind. A wondrously crafted arrangement, it provides an experience that is both soothing and mysterious, as it somehow maintains an ambient and spacious tone while bringing in warm, well-textured drums to carry the story forward. The atmosphere feels at home for ceremony, mystical gatherings and contemplation.

“Simply put, this is an album about tapping into a relationship with infinity – and creating from that place. It’s meant to serve as a lucid auditory, sensory experience that hopefully translates to other people the same sensation of drawing upon limitlessness, boundless exploration, and oneness. It’s meant to be a testament to, and a devotional manifestation of that experience.”
– APU on the meaning of Sourcery

Listen to the full album in the video stream above. It is also available to stream on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


00:00:00 – Stand and Be True
00:04:31 – Spiritus
00:11:12 – Infinity Now
00:17:59 – Heart Matters
00:26:27 – Wraeclast
00:33:54 – Sunrise On The Moon
00:41:00 – Procession Of Titans
00:47:10 – Maturin
00:53:28 – That Which Binds Us
01:00:16 – Fallen Rise

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