In this episode of Cory Allen‘s The Astral Hustle, tranformative/interdimensional artist Amanda Sage joins the set. Their discussion goes deep beneath the surface as these two minds coalesce, deliberating such topics as the inheritance of behavior, using one’s negative emotions as creative compost, peering through the veil of normalcy and the latest addition to the Amanda Sage Collection, psychedelic ponchos. Check out their conversation in the stream above and listen to more cognizant discussions with special guests on TAH podcast by visiting

Aside from being host of The Astral Hustle, Cory Allen is also a music composer, mastering engineer and a guided meditation instructor who offers his meditation guidance in the form of a six-week, web-based meditation course. His course is unlike any other (we’ve tried it!), as Allen does not abide by the strict guidelines set forth by other schools of mediation. He feels that it is important to acknowledge the needs of the individual, as everyone requires their own approach to mindfulness and the attainment inner peace.

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The music used for the intro/outro is Zodiac Shit by Flying Lotus.